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The North American Model



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...sit at the edge of the waters of Mormon?
...cross the river Sidon at the city of Gideon?
...climb Mount Antipas?
...follow the path of the 2000 stripling soldiers to the city of Judea in Manti?

...follow the path Coriantumr used to attack the city of Zarahemla?
...explore the land of Nephite kings, Zeniff, Noah and Limhi?
...visit the shores of the east sea and west sea at the narrow neck?
...stand where king Benjamin spoke to the people from the tower?

                     Waters of Mormon                                                 Mount Antipas                                         East sea near the narrow neck  

The North America Model The North America Model The North America Model

You can now with The North America Model for the Book of Mormon, from Jerusalem to Cumorah.  The search for the geography of the Book of Mormon has been an object of interest and conjecture ever since it was published in 1830. Many serious and well researched studies have been conducted for locations from South America, to Central America, to North America and even in southeast Asia. Substantive theories have been generated and extensive academic treatises and books have been written and websites created to promote a wide range of models attempting to address the sites and locations of where the events took place. Each model has its proponents and its detractors, and each has credible scriptural, scientific and archaeological evidence to support elements of each model. All have contributed to the task which the Lord, in His wisdom, has left to man to figure out on his own. All who believe the Book of Mormon to be true can agree on two things. 1) These events occurred some place, and 2) the Church has not taken an official position on where other than in the "ancient Americas". In other words, there is a right answer; there is just no official limited specific right answer.  And it is also known that the Church does not discourage the search.

The North America Model for the Book of Mormon, From Jerusalem to Cumorah, locates events, not just generally, but with specificity as implied by the questions and photos above. It is based primarily on the contemporarily written word, the preferred source for historical research. Since the Book of Mormon is true, what better source would there be?  Nephi in 1 Nephi 9:3-6 confirms that there is a wise purpose for recording the events along with their logistics and geography related to the reign of the kings and the wars and contentions of the people.  It must be more than just providing filler for the spiritual messages; and it must be an integral part of the "Other Testament of Jesus Christ" purpose of the Book of Mormon to a skeptical and  unbelieving world.

The North America Model for the Book of Mormon is the result of the coalescing of years of familiarity with Book of Mormon stories, the work of many who have researched and documented discoveries and scientific expeditions that are significant in support of locations and logistics in the Book of Mormon not known until the 21st Century, a systematic review of all scriptures related to movements, directions and relationships, and on emerging technologies that allow meaningful scrutiny of earth geography, not only from above but at ground level. It is time to unravel the geography of the Book of Mormon from Jerusalem to Cumorah that has been hidden in plain sight since 1830. 

After nearly 7 years of research, writing, and coordinating with the illustrator Chuck Carter, the cover artist Bruce Brainard, and the publisher Page Publishing, The North America Model was released in February 2020 for sale to the public and it serves as the basis for the PowerPoint lecture discussed herein.  The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of the model in terms of its general geographical location and information regarding the genesis of its development, report reaction to the model by individuals from across the country, and explain how interested parties can arrange for a lecture.   The general reaction has been documented that 85% of lecture attendees have indicated a "very much" or "some" increased interest in reading the Book of Mormon more with the geography of The North America Model in mind.  

While the Composite Map included herein, under the About the Book/Sample Maps tab, and in the book, provides an overall layout of the geography for both the Jaredite and the Nephite/Lamanite peoples, the book will have 50+ maps that address the locations and logistics of most of the events of the Book of Mormon from Jerusalem to Cumorah with specificity. Refer to About the Book/Sample Maps for an example of one such map, this one discussing the travels of the sons of Mosiah.  In addition, the lecture does the same for the overall model as well as providing detail documentation regarding the actual location of the city of Zarahemla, the city of Lehi-Nephi, the locations indicated in the questions above, and events such as the path Alma took when he fled from the servants of king Noah to the waters of Mormon in Mosiah 18 and the location of where king Benjamin spoke to the people from the tower in Mosiah 2 as other examples, including Mosiah 25.  The Composite Map is now available for purchase.   Refer to the Store Tab for ordering 5x7 glossy cardstock bookmarks with the map on the front and 15 bullet points with scripture references listing the requirements for Book of Mormon lands in the land of promise.  Also available is a 16"x20" poster of the Mosiah 2 gathering of the people around the temple. 

The North America Model indicates how closely the historical footprint of the wars, contentions and travels of the Nephites and Lamanites may have contributed to the actual founding and preservation of the United States of America in the prophesied land of promise. 

If you have any questions or wish additional feedback, please contact the author per the Contact Us tab.  

This website is neither approved nor endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

However, it has been reviewed by individuals of great faith, including a friend who served as a mission president and who also happened to be our Home Teacher in Jacksonville FL.  After reading the North America Model, he wrote to me the following: "I really do appreciate your work and passion for finding and presenting evidence of actual events that are documented in the Book of Mormon.  It is faith-building and strengthening."

Check out the following YouTube link.     It is a one-hour PowerPoint presentation of the lecture that was given over 50 times across the country since 2014 from Florida to Utah, Maine, and all points in between.  It explains how the Model came to be and why it is so compelling in its details.

Check out the following YouTube link to the recorded virtual lecture presented at the 2019 Firm Foundation Book of Mormon Evidences Expo held in April from Sandy UT.     A 36.5 minute PowerPoint presentation, it includes a 5-minute introduction by LeRoy Maughan of Lindon UT, father-in-law of Bruce Brainard, the artist of the front cover of the book.  It is the abbreviated version of the full 60 minutes lecture.