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William Peter Midgley
Jacksonville, Florida
Phone: (913) 219-2934

The North America Model The North America Model

The Author has prepared a one and a half hour lecture, including questions and answers, to acquaint people with the overall concept of The North America Model for the Book of Mormon and has presented it around the country to substantial positive reviews.

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Subject Matter

Follow the Author on his journey of discovery of The North America Model. The one hour PowerPoint lecture explains the genesis and the methodologies that help unravel the mystery that has remained elusive for over 180+ years. The writers of the Book of Mormon left many clues that, when understood in context, reveal a geographic fingerprint that is as forensically viable as how a human fingerprint with a limited number of commonly shared features identifies an individual out of millions of others. The lecture explains the keys to discovery and brings the audience along through the use of scriptures, photos, maps and diagrams to a logical conclusion that fits the philosophic rationale of Occam’s razor in which the simplest of premises is generally preferred to the more complex.  It answers the lead-in questions on the Welcome page of this website.

Scheduled Lectures  

2020, Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Church has announced that the Hill Cumorah Pageant has been cancelled for 2020.  The last Hill Cumorah production is rescheduled to be held in 2021.  Therefore, the lectures that were scheduled for the Palmyra Inn July 10-16, 2020 will not be held. 

As the peak of the pandemic goes into remission around the counrtry as evidenced by the directives in the various states, we will consider offers from individals/groups who are interested in hosting lectures in accordance with the guidelines outlined in this website. 

As an alternative, in the meantime, LeRoy Maughan and myself participated in the virtual FIRM Foundation Expo, Book of Mormon Evidence Conference from Sandy UT on April 11 which was cancelled due to the Virus pandemic, by taping our 36 minute presentation for online streaming. It is an abbreviated version of the regular one hour lecture, but it contains most of the pertinent material.   It can be used as a video progam for groups such as YSA, Empty Nesters, PH Quorums, RS Socials, etc.     The full length 61-minute lecture is available at the following link. 


Past Lectures 

In addition to giving multiple lectures at the Palmyra Inn in Palmyra NY during the Hill Cumorah Pageant for five previous years, the Author has made presentations from Florida, to Texas, to Arizona, to Utah, to Kansas, to Missouri, to Ohio, to Maine and to Virginia. They have been held in homes and in LDS stake and ward buildings, to groups as diverse as private home presentations, Single Adults firesides, at multi-ward building Sunday evening fireside, and midweek and Friday evening stake and ward firesides..

Refer to the comments section as a representation of the positive response by the attendees according to post evaluation surveys and reported comments.

Host a Lecture

If there is interest in hosting a presentation, either as a ward or stake fireside or in a home location with groups of 20 or more, please contact the Author to express interest. Such events usually take time to find dates that fit both the host's and the lecturer's schedules, establish approvals from local leaders, arrange for facilities, promote the event to the target audience, etc. Single events within the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee will be possible individually.  For locations elsewhere, the Author will take such interest under advisement to consider organizing coordinated lecture tours. When a tour is scheduled, it will be listed on the website with dates, times, locations and hosting party or groups.

Lecture Arrangements

The Author has all the necessary presentation equipment including projector and screen (if not available at the facility), presentation stand and materials. Promotional material in Word format can be provided so that the local host can modify it for local arrangements and use as posters, flier handouts, program inserts, e-mailers, etc. For lectures in spaces like chapels and larger meeting halls, the local host should make arrangements for a microphone.

Lecture Program

The introductory program is the responsibility of the host. It can be just a welcome, opening prayer and short introduction of the presenter; or if desired, or it may include an opening hymn after the welcome (“As I Search the Holy Scriptures” #277, is a good one). The one hour lecture is followed by a question and answer period with the timing of a closing prayer as determined by the host.  The presenter will remain afterwards to handle individual questions.


There is no cost related to the lecture.

Schedule a Lecture

Contact the Author if you are interested in scheduling a lecture. The Author will contact you to discuss details.