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The following links to other websites by serious students of, and apologists for, the Book of Mormon were an important part of the genesis of The North America Model in terms of recent scientific discoveries and expeditions that were not known until the last 20+/- years and were certainly not known in 1830. They confirmed the Book of Mormon to be a highly credible source for geographic information and led to the expectation that if certain rules and keys could be unlocked, it would unravel the geography in the land of promise. It is advisable to check them out for details since it is not the intent of The North America Model for the Book of Mormon to restate, other than in general, what has already been well reported on by others.  

A New Candidate in Arabia for the “Valley of Lemuel”
By: George D. Potter

The discovery of a real candidate for the river Laman flowing into the fountain of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba, resulted in the realization that the Book of Mormon is incredibly accurate when it comes to describing geography.  The manuscript and lecture explain how in detail.  That suggests that the written word may be a more important primary source in determining geography than archaeology or DNA.  

The Hunt for the Valley of Lemuel
By: S. Kent Brown

S. Kent Brown's analysis of the many options for Lehi's journey in Arabia confirms George Potter's find as the most credible location for the river Laman.  I shared my scriptural findings with Kent Brown, and he acknowledged that my unique analysis in detail was credible.  He also provided additional information on the location of Nahum that I incorporated in the manuscript.

On Nahum
By: S. Kent Brown

This article is interesting as it discusses that portion of Lehi's journey

The Arabian Bountiful Discovered? Evidence for Nephi's Bountiful
By: Warren P. Aston

Warren Aston's article on the location of Bountiful in Arabia was important in setting the stage for the sea journey of Lehi.  Its location is ideal for the sea voyage that sailed to the land of promise as suggested by the following article by Rod Meldrum on the east to west sailing of a replica 600 B.C. ship around Africa almost to the eastern shores of America.  This set up an analysis of the other two migrations that suggest that they all traveled the less complicated and more direct course to the land of promise from the east coming from the Mediterranean Sea across the Atlantic rather than the several thousand mile longer journey required to travel east to the west coast of the North America Continent.   This also made the common landing location of the Jaredites and the Mulekites more feasible in the north while Lehi landed in the south. 

Lehi's Voyage Demonstrated: Phoenicia Expedition!
By: Rod Meldrum

A highly interesting article that confirms the high probability of an east to west migration across the sea.   The North America Model manuscript and lecture discuss how this scientific expedition influences the historic geography of the Book of Mormon.

The Scriptural Basis for the Heartland Model
By: Rod L. Meldrum

This article confirms what almost everybody already believes intuitively that the land of liberty and the promise is the land of the United States of America.  

Hopewell Culture

The time frame of this major ancient Native American culture as documented by the National Park Service and the Ohio History Central is remarkably close to that of the time frame of  the Book of Mormon, i.e. a range of 1000-200 B.C. to 400-600 A.D. with no suggestion as to why it ceased to exist.